Embracing our new role in the Kingdom of Uncertainia – a blog by @Belinaliz for #IntoWork

Never in my lifetime has so much been unknown and even unknowable about the future of the UK. Brexiteers and Remainistas are all living in a new political reality – let’s call it Uncertainia. And we all need to get used to it – embrace it even.

Uncertainia means not being able to plan within clear parameters of Government Policy – because it was decided not to make Government Policy.

 Uncertainia means that the two main Political Parties no longer know exactly what exactly their electorate wants them to stand for; because so many traditionally loyal voters turned on their own leaderships.

Uncertainia could mean really positive things, like being able to take control of our future – but it might also mean that we have to do the same things as before, and pay the same costs, but don’t have a say in what happens. We just don’t know.

So the question is: what can we do? The answer is: get organised!

We must do our best to identify need. Then we need to plan what needs to be done. We need to take our payment by results model and the DEL/AME switch arguments to create well defined projects that meet that real need. We are the people to do this because we have demonstrated that we can create effective and cost effective models of support. And we did that in the land of Austerity.

The IntoWork Convention is a great place to discuss this – I am sorry to miss it – but please, no resignations, no infighting, no despair. The Future many be uncertain – but we can help write it.

Liz Sewell is the Director of the Institute of Employability Professionals and the Director of Belina Consulting Ltd.


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