Progression out of poverty: skills, jobs and housing

IntoWork2015 Lunchtime Debate.

IntoWork is always one of the highlight of the year for me . It’s a chance for the whole W2W sector to hear the latest from central Government and key opinion formers and to challenge each other to deliver the best possible services.

It gives us a chance to discuss:

  • What works? What is the evidence for that? What are the practical lessons?
  • How do we spread this good practice to make a sustained difference?
  • How can different sectors and groups localities work better together?

So this year I am delighted to be chairing what I think is one of the most important debates of the whole programme:

Progression out of poverty: skills, jobs and housing

The panellists are experts in their fields: Cathy Walsh, Association of Colleges and Chief Executive Barking College, Paul Warner Director, AELP, Stephen Evans, Deputy Chief Executive, NIACE and Kate Shone, Chair, Give us a Chance Consortium

I do hope to see you at the Convention and of course at the debate.

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