What might the new Conservative Government mean for Lone Pare

There are two big manifesto items that will have an impact on Lone Parents: the £12 billion of proposed welfare cuts and the promise of more Childcare for under fives.

We don’t know yet where the Welfare Cuts are going to be, or as I write, who will be implementing them – but here are some ideas that have come out of the last four weeks


  • Universal Credit will come down the track sooner rather than later – parents need to be prepared for what that means in terms of the need to move in to better paid jobs.
  • Cuts to Child Benefit in some form may well happen, perhaps one level for all children or a limit on the number of children for whom you can claim.
  • A reduction in the Benefits Cap – which will affect people in expensive housing and larger famiiles
  • Cuts to in-work benefits, which will save money in the short term but may make work less feasible
  • possible rise int he Bedroom tax/spare room subsidy/


  • The promised 30 hours of childcare for the three and four year old children of Working Families will make taking up work easier for lone parents with pre-school children. 
  • That comes on top of support in terms of tax relief on childcare for parents paying tax andfinaincial support for those on Universal Credit
  • However, there is concern that there just is not enough childcare out there and that the amount of money the government wil want to pay may to suppliers make it unnattractive for voluntary and privare providers. 


Lone parents will need to be actively seeking work when their youngest child is 3.

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