Do Behavioural Insights make a difference in emplopyability? Latest ideas gathered at the ERSA agm

Do Behavioural Insights make a difference in employability? This was the question from the ERSA AGM that resulted in a fasciniating presentation by Samuel Nguyen head of labour market and economic growth at the Behaviour Insight team. 

The answer is yes – but the changes don’t have ot be enormous  and the results need to be checked against randomised anonymous  controls – as you would with a medical drugs test. 
Sam suggested trying small changes and seeing what worked. He used examples of a change in the way you send a text message. By adding the claimant name, the adviser name and a little bit of free reciprocity – eg wishing good luck, they were able to boost attendance to 27% for an interview as opposed ot 10% with the original message. See the picture below for the original and amended text  – sorry about the qulaity of the photo.

Sam suggested that as providers we use the same approach as the British Olymipc cycling team called radical incrementalism. Do something small  and different, get the result, do it again. 




A good idea for us all.
The full test results on a major  research project will be available later in the year. 

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