Election 2015 – Belina’s wish-list – childcare, inclusive IT, a living wage and sensible housing policies

1. Wraparound childcare

Every primary school should be open from 8am to 6pm.  Children should be able to work rest and play at school, so that parents can go for same range of jobs as anyone else.

2. Creches for Education and Training

We work with hundreds of women each year who would be ready for work earlier if there were creches available to improve their English and Maths, or for ESOL classes.

3. More IT training that reaches out to womenimages

The wonderful Martha Lane Fox has called for a better internet and one that meets the needs of women – to do that  women must be involved in making it too.

4. A higher minimum wage

Work must pay more than being on benefits. We need to have a living wage, not just a minimum wage. That is fairer for individuals and fairer for the nation’s finances, as we don’t have to pay out so much in working age benefits.

5. A sensible housing policy

Affordable housing is becoming rare in cities, but those who work part-time because of caring responsibilities need to live close to work, they don’t have time to travel.

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