Nestles Avenue GRoW Training – Mercedes Grant’s guest blog.

For three Tuesdays, Belina ran a group session for parents at Nestles Avenue Children’s Centre, with a creche on site. I had the privilege of training a group of Mums with our new GRoW training programme.

A group of five mums attended the first sessions, quite unsure of what they were getting into. Very quickly we began to bond and everyone participated in the exercises and activities. They enjoyed themselves and became very comfortable with each other, opening up and finding out that they were not so different from one another.

Week two was amazing, our numbers grew to nine. The starting five returned and we had four new people join us, The larger group got on and quickly produced excellent work. Their confidence grew and they started to see that they could do anything they put their minds too.

Nestles Avenue GRoW group

Nestles Avenue GRoW group

Week three was lovely, each person produced developed their goals, together we made them manageable. Every person progressed in some way for themselves and had the motivation to carry on. We ended with the starting shy group, giving wonderful speeches about their journeys and a celebration of cake. What a wonderful experience to be a part of, to watch their confidence and motivation GRoW!!!

Thank you Nestles Avenue Mums x

Mercedes Grant

Belina’s Development Director

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