The Hilingdon GRoW Programme – how parents are taking control of their own lives #GetReadyforWork 

Uxbridge College Children’s Centre GRoW group

Three weeks into our partnership programme with Hillingdon Children’s Centres and Women Like Us, funded by the Hillingdon Trust, and our parents are already taking control of their lives. The 18 parents are split between two childdren’s centres Uxbridge College and Nestles Avenue they have attended three Get Ready ro Work sessions and have their tailored job search to come. 

Parents  are already taking control and moving forward

Four have signed up to become volunteers

One has started a small business making cakes – which came out of a session on self employment – she has gained four orders in the firts week.

Two more have decided to go back to college to gain the qualifications they need for their career.

Parents have talked abouthow the sessions have given them the chance to make friends as well as more confidence and motivation.

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