Capacity launch new brifing paper Families – a time for change

Capacity has worked with families for many years. Their Director, Margaret Lochrie, has dedicated her life’s work to developing services for families that meet their real needs.

With the election approaching, Capacity has produced Families – a time for change: a new document which outlines their vision for better services for families and a greater equality  of access to all services. And like Belina, It believes  in supporting Children’s Centres as a place where children and parents can develop.  

Capacity believes that family policy should be focused on reducing poverty and inequlaity, and that access to education for parents who need it should be as full as entitlement as free health care. Capacity believes that families should be at the centre of shaping change.

Capacity asks policy makers to consider a key question: What is the problem we are trying to solve. and says that the main voice in defining the answer should be the family themselves.

You can read the full document here

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