Adviser Training programme gives new ideas and confidence to engage employers

The StudioBelina launched its YellowBox Adviser Programme on Tuesday in Birmingham at The Studio. 

The first programme focussed on Effective Employer Engagement. Delegates came from Black Country Housing, Kennedy Scott and the Salvation Army. They were enthusiastic about the programme and particularly liked meeting people from other organisations and sharing best practice. It ‘has given me new ideas for employer engagement and business growth.‘ The Training was very informative, covers all the areas of employer engagement.’  Good to ‘share ideas and make new contacts. It was ‘relaxed , friendly and educational All said that it built their confidence and recommended the programme to others. 


The first graduates: Keisha, Dean, Alex and Julie, with Trainer Christine Brown.

Christine Brown, of Future Excel, who developed the course, emphasised the importance of nurturing employers. Participants said that following the event they would be networking, improving their cold calling, and developing a sales funnel approach to moving employers from leads, to customers, to loyal fans.

Delegates loved The Studio as a venue and the City Centre location. And they are going to keep in touch.

For more information on the whole programme click here.
Next stop London, and all our programmes can be run in-house.

endorsed_logoThe Programme is endorsed by IEP.

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