Delivering the first GRoW Programme

Delivering the first GRoW Programme
Guest Blog by Mercedes Grant

Having spent the last 4 months with Liz Sewell Developing our new Training Programme GRoW, it did start to feel like this day would never come. It has been an exciting and creative experience, developing new activities and designing new materials. This month I got to put all of those ideas and materials to the test, with an added bonus…..for the first time I trained on my own!

I had a group of wonderful women who all got stuck into the activities, the materials were great, they were used and had the effect we wanted and more. The new activities were a joy to deliver as the participants got involved and learned so much from them.

Getting ready for work, the first parents do GRoW.

Getting ready for work, the first parents do GRoW.

At first I was nervous, I did not have my guru there, and it was all on me. Was I going to be good enough, was I going to get the desired outcome for the course, or was I just going to end up making people more confused!?

None of the above, their confidence bloomed, their knowledge of CVs, interviews and drive to start something was an amazing thing to be a part of.

I have a passion for the course, not only because I helped to develop it, but because two years ago almost to the day, I was a mother on Belina’s  “Take Three Days” course. It gave me such drive to show them that no matter where you are in life, take little steps towards your goal, you have no idea where you will be in 2 years’ time. I am living proof! So message of the year… Keep moving and continue to GRoW.

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