Get Ready for Work Press Release #GRoW


As the Government launches a £5m project to pilot employability support in Children’s Centres, social business Belina is delighted to launch its own approach – Get Ready for Work – a Children’s Centre based parents employability programme. GRoW combines relaxed group sessions with social media support using platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Belina will be running GRoW Adviser Training for Children’s Centre Staff, so they can directly help parents develop CVs, interview skills and business plans for self-employment. GRoW builds on Belina’s successful employability, confidence and motivation programmes delivered over the last seven years.

Liz Sewell, Director of Belina, said

“Our experience of supporting parents back to work in over 50 Children’s Centres since 2007 means we understand parents, Centres and employability – we want to share that knowledge and so we have developed GRoW.”

“GRoW will be a catalyst for Centres to develop their own employability support.

“We welcome the announcement that the Government also wants to invest approach, and we will be sharing our knowledge with the Behavioural Insight Team in the New Year.”


  1. £5m Pilot Announced in the 2014 Autumn Statement. To be channeled trough the Behavioral Insights Team, the Governments “Nudge” unit.
  2. Launch of GRoW 11 December 2015, London
  3. Belina has been working in Children’s Centres since 2007 delivering the Take three days parent’s employability Programme.
  4. Belina was Highly Commended for its innovative work with Parents at the 2014 ERSA Awards.
  5. GRoW takes the programme one stage further, so that Centres can develop their own programmes.
  6. Belina was set up by Liz Sewell, former CEO of Lone Parent Charity Gingerbread
  7. Weblink to BelinaBlog
    Government agrees with Belina! – Children’s Centres are the place for parents to get employability support #GRoW

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