What advice would you give an Employment Adviser on their First Day?

We set the task at ERSA14:
and the sector responded.

A round up from the YellowBox Adviser Training Launch

The largest set of answers were about focusing on the person, and respecting their needs.

  • Always treat every individual as an individual with dignity and respect. – George Selmer G4s
  • Treat the people you work with as individuals and value what they share with you.  – George Baines Standguide
  • Treat everyone as a person not a statistic – your work can help change a life. –  James Walsh Steps to Work
  • See the Person – Mark Cosens i2i
  • Keep the individual users interest at the forefront of everything you do. – Chris Reeves SRP

Another group concentrated on how Advisers should react

  • Lots of empathy! – Patrick Hughes Salient Works
  • People are complicated, Don’t panic, this is going to take time – Kirsty McHugh ERSA
  • Don’t Judge a book by its cover –  Kim Pattison ESG
  • Do not judge your customers. Treat them as you would want to be treated – Jemma Johnstone SERCO

There were some lovely succinct answers

  • Smile! – Helen Richardson, WorkPays
  • Listen – Maria Cerezo Remploy
  • Enthusiasm is infectious – Ros Allen Learn Direct

And some really practical advice

  • Know your case load very well. Always do your customers CVs with them.– Richard Brooks RBLI
  • Open your eyes and your ears and keep your mouth shut –  Anonymous 
  • Get organised – Stewart Holdsworth, Serco
  • Be confident – if you’re confident then your clients will have confidence in you – Jaroslava Rudavska IEP
  • Talk to every employer you can  –  Anonymous 
  • Stick with it. – James Chessum Red 5 Solution
  • Listen well, loads of positive energy. Smile and enjoy your candidates stories. – They’ve all got a story. Think of the needs of the Job Seeker. Gain their Trust. – Tina Lacey R3 Welfare & Skills

And a plug for professionalism we should all endorse!

  • Join the IEP. – Rosa Osman Seetec

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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