Get Ready for Work – GRoW – Belina’s new parents programme to be launched on 11 December.

We know that parents need to feel confident that going back to work will benefit them and their families over the long term.  Over 90% of parents who take time out from work to care for children are women. GRoW is designed to build their confidence and resilience. Based on relaxed and supportive group sessions, parents grow to value the transferable skills they have gained in family life and also learn practical employability skills.

What makes Belina’s GRoW programme different is that is designed to be delivered by YOUR staff, supported by OUR experts.

Belina will

  • Train your staff to deliver GRoW
  • Mentor and support delivery teams
  • Provide materials, a website and social media support for parents
  • Help you create a local support network
  • Show you how to log outcomes by keeping in touch with parents

Belina was highly commended at the 2014 ERSA awards for its innovative approach to supporting parents. Our Adviser Training is endorsed by IEP.

Tweet requests for info to @BelinaNews #GRoW  

Belina will launch GRoW in London on Thursday 11 December 2014 –

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