Belina’s New Adviser Training Project to be launched at ERSA Conference

If you are searching for Adviser Training for your Employability Team, come along to our stall at the ERSA conference on the 1st December 2014. We will be launching our new programme of training: Belina’s Yellow Box.

Why now?
We know organisations want to build in-house capacity to improve their own teams, because training improves performance.

Why Belina?
Our vision is for sustained work for the long term unemployed. We want to develop confident, professional Employability Advisers and Facilitators who can support their clients into that sustainable work.

Why Yellow?
Our approach is known to be engaging, vibrant, interactive and lively, as well as professional, researched and evidenced based. And I like yellow!

Why Box?
So that people can build their own toolbox and think outside it too! Our training will be practical and designed so that Advisers and Facilitators can improve their approach as soon as they get back to work.

Joining the team as an Expert Practitioner Trainer will be Christine Brown FIEP. And staffing the Stall all day will be our Development Director Mercedes Grant.

Do come along and meet us and help us open up our new Yellow Box

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