Mercedes Grant blogs on helping young mothers to focus on what they want to do next

Belina recently delivered a Take Three Days programme specifically for young mothers, in Chiswick for Shepherds Bush Housing Group.

Initially the parents, when asked what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go, did not have the confidence to voice their answer.

We had brought with us a range of activities to do with them that allowed them to be quiet yet creative and found that these had a really positive effect. One activity was to make collages, about where they see their life in a couple of years if everything went well (not if you won the lottery!) And with this they really got stuck in. Looking for images and words in books and magazines to describe what they saw they wanted life to be like and of course they included luxuries but they also thought about what they wanted to do, and how they wanted to be with their children, and in some cases their partners.

IMG_0148After this exercise everyone had the confidence to talk about where they saw themselves and what they wanted to do. They understood more about the journey they had to take to get to where they want to be. With that confidence they were all able to stand up and talk about their collage explain what and why they did what they did.
The fact they had the space and time to really think and get creative about how to get that information showed us that for younger people especially, being creative is much like play, it is free and without boundaries, they can relate their thoughts to images they see and it all becomes clearer.

One thought on “Mercedes Grant blogs on helping young mothers to focus on what they want to do next

  1. Debra Douglas says:

    What great work you are doing Mercedes and Belina Consulting Ltd. I remember being out of work for a while and I did start to feel I might not get another job. It does knock your confidence. Its so important to support people to see what their potential is. I love the collage idea. It sounds like fun but also I can see how you used it to help re-build confidence in your clients.

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