Tuesday – #IntoWork2014 “Evidenced based conversations” and “political leadership”

My two favourite phrases today.

Mark Fisher – Social Justice Director DWP – summed up the Convention for me today – we are here to have evidence based discussions. Kirsty McHugh focused on the requirement for clear “political leadership”. And without it we are not going to get the changes we need to help those furthest from the labour market.

Nigel Hudson of Reed NCFE gave us three fantastic statistics

  • 96% employers value mindset over skillset.
  • Only 25% of jobs advertised in formal process
  • 90% hirings are made in the first three minutes

The Future of WorkLesley Giles gave a brilliant presentation on The Future of Work – UKCES have done the research and I would urge all of you to go and look at their website. It plays into our new 50 Year Career project – looking at how the longer working life and changes in employment will impact on women.

Chris Melvin spoke passionatley of reverse Innovation – looking to the developing world for ideas that are exciting and effective but low cost.Three ideas were  High Incentives, Trust and Responsibility and Group Work. Empowerment.

Tracey Fishwick introduced the most inspiring session of the day – with people on their journey back to work – real lives and really success stories.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the IEP session on the new MSc in Employability.

Movema the dance group stole the opening and closing sessions.

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