Housing and Employment need to get to know each other better

Housing Associations and Employability Organisations spent time together today  in Birmingham at the ERSA and National Housing Federation joint conference. The idea behind the annual event is to develop better working relationships: whether it is on the Work Programme or in wider communtiy added  value projects. The event has five aims:

  1. Plan the future of employment and skills work through the evolving landscape
  2. Hear the Government’s view on how social housing providers can practically combine employment and skills programmes to maximise their social impact
  3. Ensure HA employment and skills programmes are matching latest best practice in the field
  4. Meet the leading employment and skills practitioners, researchers and specialists and initiate partnerships
  5. Get the latest intelligence on monitoring and evaluating programmes

Speakers from the DWP were quizzed on Universal Credit and the Benefits Cap and spoke about the importance of moving people  on to direct parents.

What was clear was that a number of Housing Associations are clearly developing strong local projects.Sinead Butters from Aspire Group spoke about their commitment to the whole comment and the desire to build jobs into the core of their work They acquired a Training Company and delver their own Apprentice programme and Sinead urged people to get the benefit of  young person in their office.

Victoria Whittle from Affinity Sutton talked about the initially “complex” procedures that the HA needed to put in place to take on a Work Programme but showed that they can be really successful providers, because they have the resources to develop the range of services that people really need to get back to work.



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