Benefits Systems – how do you balance Simplicity and Fairness?

I  spent today with a group of employment advisers looking at the British benefits system, and it set me wondering whether it is possible to create a system that is both fair and easy to navigate.

Simplicity V Fairness

Advisers were clear that the system needs to be simple to understand, but came to the conclusion that making something too simple might make it unfair if individual needs were ignored. But taking account of everyone’s individual circumstances can make processes too complex for people to navigate.

Clear Rules V Discretion

Initially people also argued for clear rules so that people knew what to do. But we have all seen people fall foul of an arbitrary line so we looked the importance of discretion. But again discretion can be a double edged sword. What if that means people feel unfairly sanctioned?

The current Benefits system often seems complex, unfair with unclear rules and arbitrary decisions. The hopes for Universal Credit are high. In the meantime we have developed a new approach to benefits training  to help people understand the current system better. Its focused on the needs to employment advisers.  As with all Belina Training, its fast paced and interactive. If you want to know more see below.

Belina’s “Pick & Mix” Benefits Briefing Sessions.

Half-Day sessions on the Benefits System tailored to the needs of Employment Advisers.
We always cover the Benefits Cap, Bedroom Tax and Universal Credit
You then pick any four benefits from the list below  – we check with your team about any particular issues they want to cover and then we are set to go.

  1. Job Seekers Allowance
  2. Employment Support Allowance
  3. Personal Independence Payment
  4. Working Tax Credit
  5. Housing Benefit
  6. Income Support
  7. Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit

If you want to know more add your details and we will contact you.

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