Why Employability Professionals should join IEP

The Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) was launched to support employability professionals. So what is an employability professional? Someone who helps people find employment. They can be found working for welfare to work providers and Job Centres, but are just as likely to work for skills training providers, specialist organisations, national & local charities, Higher Education institutions Colleges of further education and Businesses & schools

The aim is to provide professional status. recognised qualifications, career advancement & prospects and provide staff a voice in the sector.
IEP offers:
  • Recognised qualifications & career pathways
  • Access to high quality training programmes
  • Mentoring & befriending support
  • Jobs, promotions and progression
  • Added value rewards and discounts

IEP works with ABC Awards to offer Level 3 and 4 Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Employment Related Services.And with Coventry University London Campus an MSc in Employability Leadership.There are also the Endorsed by IEP series of short training programmes that give people confidence that the training they are paying for is high quality, including our own programme on Working with lone parents.

Other benefits
The IEP’s Jobs Board helps you enrich your CV and applications  and stand out from other candidates. And new is the The IEP Reward Vault f benefits  and saving.

For around a pound a week I would urge all professionals in the sector to join, it is an opportunity to develop the professional status of staff and improve the service to the people with whom we work.

Join here

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