Belina’s Lone Parent Adviser training – now Endorsed by IEP

Our Lone Parent Adviser Training is now Endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals .This assures you we adhere to quality training practices and that our programme is well designed and delivered to consistent standards. 


    07 February 2014, London
    7 March 2014 Birmingham

Lone Parents face particular barriers, so their Employment Advisers need extra help too. This one-day intensive will help your Advisers get parents back to work.

It provides an update on policy and  the latest statistics, combined with insights gained from Belina’s successful work supporting Lone Parents on the  Work Programme and local and national parents’ support Programmes.

Who should attend

  • Advisers from Welfare to Work organisations
  • Local Authority employability programme staff
  • Children’s Centre tstaff supporting parents into employment
  • JCP staff
  • Welfare To Work Policy Advisers

Book on here

IEP Members get a discount on all our courses.

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