Success in helping parents get back to work in London – Belina builds partnerships with Children’s Centres

Parents who need support to get back to work are increasingly finding it at their local Children’s Centre.

We believe that Children’s Centres are among the best possible places to support this group. Parents feel comfortable and children are well cared for whilst their parents get the support they need.

We recently reviewed our Take three days programme at the Altmore Children’s Centre (rated Outstanding by Ofsted) run in partnership with Newham Workplace and were delighted with the outcomes. Over the five programmes we supported 44 Parents

We had a 90% retention rate on this voluntary programme.

Of the 44 delegates that have attended programmes at Altmore we have been able to follow up on 34 (a sample of 75%)

18 of the 34 have moved from the programme into a defined outcome (that is 52% of the people we could follow up and 40% of the total.)

  • 10 have moved in to work
  • 3 went onto a training programme 2 into full-time education
  • 2 are volunteering
  • 1 is undertaking work experience

Of the rest 15 are actively seeking work, and still involved with an adviser. (44% of the people we could follow up, and 34% of the total).

1 has disengaged and is no longer part of an organised programme. (3% of the people we could follow up and 2% of the total).

Autumn 2013 projects

We are currently working on projects across London in partnership with Children’s Centres. Funding comes from a range of sources but each project is about helping parents get ready for work when their children are young.

Take three days
As the name suggests, this project runs over three days with a crech onsite. Parents have an intensive three day session and it really helps people kick start their move back to work.

Programmes running at Altmore, Edith Kerrison and Sheringham Children’s Centre in Newham and Clyde in Lewisham

Parent’s Job Club
A series of group sessions over a month to help parents develop their employability skills.   

Autumn 2013 PJC currently running Masbro Children’s Centre in Hammersmith in partnership with their excellent in-house team.

Life Coaching
Group work and one to one sessions to help parents move into work, education and training.

Currently rolling out the programme in the London Boroughs of Hillingdon and Hounslow at Hounslow Town, North Isleworth and Uxbridge College Children’s Centres. As part of the Westworks programme.

Take one day
Intensive one day sessions for parents who want a boost to motivate them to take the next step.

Programmes at Melcombe Children’s Centre in Hammersmith and Crayford Children’s Centre in Bexley.

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