Benefits Cap – How one London Borough is helping its residents.

Today I attended a excellent event run by Workplace Newham designed to help people facing the benefits cap. There were over 70 Newham residents there, a testament to both the high need and the tireless work by the staff to encourage people to attend.

The way the event was organised meant that people received expert help and advice as well as being encouraged to think about how they could help them selves get back to work.

The following organisations participated

  • Jobcentre plus
  • Housing Benefit
  • Newham Workplace
  • Belina – Take three days and CV Workshop
  • CAB

There was a creche to support the parents.

People left with a strong feeling that they could get the extra support they needed to find a job, go onto a training course, build their English and their basic skills.

If the benefits cap is to mean more than just a punitive attack on people’s living standards then other boroughs need to do the same – help people make the move back to work.

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