Statfest: Lone Parents on JSA – totals and by age of youngest child, age, gender and region

Total on JSA
Todays unemployment statistics* show 145,355 lone parents claiming JSA; a small drop in the latest figures on the previous month, down by just under 1% (1,305 individuals). Compared to a year ago we see there has been an increase of 16,425 – up by 13%.  10.75% of all JSA claimants are Lone Parents

By age of youngest child
73% have children at primary school, 21% at secondary school, and 5% have pre-school children.

The majority (89%) are aged between 25 and 49 there are slightly more over 50 (6%) than under 25 (5%).

90% are women and 10% are men.

English Regions
Of Lone Parents in England on JSA, over a fifth, 27,120, (22%) are living in London, 15% in the North West, 13% in the West Midlands, 12% in Yorkshire and Humberside and 10% in the South East. East of England has 9% East Midlands 8% and 6% live in the North East and South West.

Read the latest ONS stats for yourself here

* This information is for July 2013, lone parent statistics lag a month behind general JSA stats.

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