Lone parents on the Work Programme – a success story. #w2w201 new blog

For years we have been saying, to whoever will listen, that Lone Parents are excellent clients for welfare to work programmes. Because our experience  is that that they want to work, and that give the right circumstances they will both get back to work and stay in work.

This has been borne out by the Work Programme statistics. 28% of Lone Parents on the programme have been able to start a job – the second most successful group after general JSA claimants over 25; and more successful than women in general.

What helps

  • Well trained Specialist Advisers
  • Flexible jobs – encouraging employers to provide jobs that suit lone parents.
  • Flexible funding to support travel and childcare costs

And whilst we would say that,wouldn’t we,  the person who did was Tony Wilson of CESI on the release of the Work programme figures.

Over the next few months we will be exploring what works and keeping you in touch

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