150,000 Lone Parents now on JSA. Tenfold rise in five years. 75% have primary aged children.

Whilst other unemployment figures continue to fall, the number of lone parents on JSA carries on rising and is now over 150,000.

November’s figures – the latest available – show that Lone Parents  make up 10.25% of all JSA Claimants – up from just 1% five years ago.

Three quarters of these have children at Primary school.

These figures mean we need

  • More Breakfast clubs, After School Clubs and Holiday Play Schemes
  • More Part-time work
  • A living wage commitment

Sanctions also rising.

On JSA Lone parents have to be actively seeking work and failure to comply with mandated activity means sanctions. I now regularly have women attending our Take three days and Parents’ Job Clubs who are on a sanction. This means that they not only have their benefit stopped they also face problems with their housing benefit. A double whammy and very damaging for their children. Often the women themselves are very unsure of why they have been sanctioned. This is something we will be monitoring.

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