Lone Parents now 10% of JSA claimants – notes on what needs to be done.

Whilst general unemployment continues to fall, changes to benefits means a rise in both total number of Lone Parents on JSA to 147,000 (up 2.4% on the previous month) and the rising percentage of lone parents as a total of JSA claimants. – now 10%. Nine out of ten lone parents are women.

Just over 60%  of lone parents on JSA have children under 12.

Notes on what needs to be done to improve these figures

  • Part-time work is increasingly important. Most lone parents feel the best model for work is part-time, school hours. There is not a lot of this available.
  • Flexibility for employees as well as employers. Employer driven short and zero hours contracts fail to offer an exit route for lone parents of employment.
  • The availability, quality and affordability of before&  after school, and holiday childcare becomes even more important.
  • Parents need more support to get back to work before their children reach five when they move on to JSA.
  • And in the long run Universal Credit must offer parents both the incentive and support to move into work.

Full details of the Statistics in a useful ONS Video here

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