Lone Parents now account for 9% of all JSA claimants

The latest unemployment statistics* show that Lone Parents now account for 9% of all those on JSA. Up from less than 1% in 2008, when the benefit changes began.

The figures show 135,000 lone parents on JSA in August (lone parent stats are one month behind) up 4% on July. Around 6000 new lone parents are being added each month as the cohort with 5 and 6 year olds arrive on the figures.

Over 60% of the Lone Parents on JSA have children at primary school. Less than 5% have children of Nursery age. So the provision of childcare for schoolage group needs to be a priority for policy makers.

Key requirements

  • Affordable Before and After School and Holiday childcare
  • Flexible hours that suit parents  not just employers.

This rise has implications for those providing welfare to work support for parents and calls for greater organisational expertise.

See previous blog Rapid increase in Lone Parents on JSA. Can the Work Programme make a difference? for more ideas on making the Work programme work for Parents.

ONS Labour Market statistics

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