Advising the Chancellor – my piece for CESI’s working brief on the need to expand childcare

I was asked by CESI to write a short piece for their excellent Journal “Working Brief” on what George Osborne should do in his budget.

  • Bringing up children takes a lot of love and also a lot of time. So I don’t find it surprising that when I ask lone parents who have to perform all the tasks  the hours they want to work most say between 10.00 am – 2.00 pm. But there are few jobs available to fit those hours; and this Government is so ideologically opposed to business regulation that they are not going to make employers provide them. So what to do?  My proposal is a big infrastructure project – not into new buildings, but into people by making high quality childcare affordable and available. It matches the governments own rules of being “nationally significant”, ready to start within 12 months, financially credible and “good value” for taxpayers. It would provide new jobs now, and a better future for the children and parents who use it and long term the whole of society would gain.

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