Scary days for parents – and I don’t just mean Halloween.

Universal Credit
Its on it way, and it needs to work. But there area number of spanners flying around the works that need to be caught and dealt with if we don’t want it to fail:

  1. Simplicity is essential: but word is coming out that the earnings disregard is likely to be fiendishly difficult.
  2. Universal credit was meant to roll everything into one: but the council tax payment is now separate – more complexity less certainty.
  3. Employers need to fulfil to their side of the deal:  getting real time information in on earnings is essential to make UC , but many small employers know nothing about the new system less than a year before it goes live.

The cost of Childcare now makes it the major disincentive to mothers working. Mothers working has been the spur to increasing family incomes over the last 30 years. Without an investment in childcare family incomes are going to go down over the next ten years.

Parents don’t need to be scared in to work they need to be supported. Get these two things right and parents will be able to move into work.

2 thoughts on “Scary days for parents – and I don’t just mean Halloween.

  1. gaynorpates says:

    Love the title of this blog Liz – I think ‘Work Free’ could take some of the fear out of moving into work – any ideas on how I can get government investment to help parents share affordable workspace and childcare?? All the best, Gaynor

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