Don’t punish the child, support the parents.

I finished working with this group of parents today. Between them they have 14 children. Every single one of the parents want to go back to work. They are finding it tough out there. But all are determined – And the main reason is because they want a better life for those children.

George Osborne and IDS today announced that they are looking to cut the benefits for larger families, the policy is not worked out but it seems that there is concern about people who have children whilst on benefits.

Personally I feel that this is the wrong way to go about things. Supporting a family on benefits may seem expensive, but most of that money goes on Housing, Council Tax and Utilities. What people actually get as money in their purse is much smaller. The new approach punishes children in a family just because they have a new sibling.

What would help these parents get back to work would be a better approach to childcare and more flexible working opportunities in the kinds of work that parents want, retail, admin, care and cleaning.


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