Lone Parents on JSA – 2008 to present – up from 6,000 to 120,000. New chart.

Below is a chart showing the rise in the number of Lone Parents on JSA between January 2008 and now, dependent on the age of their youngest child and the line in bold red the total.

Lone Parents on JSA

The reason for the steep rise is the changes to benefits that meant over the last four years lone parents who previously moved on to JSA when their youngest child was 16 moved over when their youngest child reached first 12, then 10, then seven and finally earlier this year five. The vast majority of these lone parents will be women.

For each cohort the initial rise over the first year is followed by a small drop in the following year, but the overall the rise has been continuous for four years and is set to increase again – by January 2013 it is likely to be up to 150,000.

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