Welfare to Work 2012 – a chance to talk – did we take it?

I really enjoyed the conference –  it was a chance to talk and I met a lot of great people.

Here we are on Day one – bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting to get started:


Liz Sewell, Aisha Isset and Dr Floyd Millen

We found out a few things

  • JCP are supporting more clients than ever with the smallest staff.
  • Chris Grayling can do good cop as well as bad cop
  • The number referred to WP on ESA is disappointing and and the DWP is currently considering what can be done about it
  • That people wanted the IEP
  • Ex Serco Richard  believes some primes who won promised £2 worth of service for a £1 and are now actually only providing services worth 50p
  • G4s Sean is “Sector Agnostic”
  • What Women Want – childcare – of course!
  • The secrets of supply chain success are capacity, competence, relationships and buzz!
  • No body agrees on exactly what a black box is.

But I felt what we did not do was really talk through the issues – not CESI’s fault – they gave people every opportunity and great group of contributors on paper. But many of the speakers  turned out  bland and it seemed to me that when people were offered opportunities to ask questions, rather than stick up their hands, they sat on them, or asked some really anaemic questions.  

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