Daycare Trust Childcare Survey

  • Childcare costs have typically increased by more than the average wage, placing parents under further financial strain in the face of rising living costs.
  • The average yearly expenditure for 25 hours nursery care per week for a child under two is £5,028 in England, £5,178 in Scotland and ££4,723 in Wales
  • The most expensive nursery reported cost parents £11 per hour. Parents using this nursery for 25 hours per week could conceivably pay £14,300 over the course of a year.
  • There has been a significant increase in the cost of nurseries  the costs of a nursery place for a child aged under two fell slightly but increased for children aged two and over.
  • Worryingly, some 60 per cent of Family Information Services across Britain said that parents had reported a lack of childcare in their area during the past twelve months.
  • Particular gaps in childcare provision were found for secondary school age children and those with a disability or special educational need.
  • Only 12 per cent of FIS said there was sufficient childcare to meet the needs of parents working atypical hours across their local authority.

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