Helping lone parents back to work – make a 2012 resolution!

Happy New Year!

This is my resolution, and I hope you will make it one of yours.

“In 2012 I will focus on helping lone parents find sustainable employment that meets the needs of their whole family.”

Here are some suggestions on how to do it.

1 – Actively engage with employers to create better part time opportunities. Most parents want to – and many need to – work part-time. At the same time, stretch ambition and  encourage parents to look beyond part-time, term-time, school hours jobs. Supporting both employers and parents to be more flexible with benefit both.

2 –  Understand the local childcare offer and help parents engage with it. Parents need to trust childcare and they want it to benefit their children as well as make it easier for them to work. Making sure childcare meets the needs of the whole family is good for everyone.

3 – Support Advisers to develop an empathy that builds on the desire  lone parents have to get back to work, and counters the fears that many have about taking a job. Encouraging an understanding of what better off in work means long term is key.

This year this blog will be looking for good practice – let us know what you are doing and we will publicise it.

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