September unemployment stats: Lone Parents on JSA up 40% on last year, 2.7% on last month

There were 121,950 JSA Lone Parent claimants in July 2011, an increase of nearly 50,000 from July 2010. This amounted to a rise of 40% in the year, and a 2.7% increase on the previous month. Just over 8% of all JSA claimants are now Lone parents. The largest group (41%) are those with children between 7 and 9.

Twenty per cent of all lone parents on JSA are in London, 12% in the North West and 10% the West Midlands.

As 88% of lone parents on JSA are women, the growing number on JSA contributes to the increase in women who are unemployed, which is up 4% on the year and stands at over 1m, the highest figure for over 20 years

Whilst JSA figures hit the headlines as part of the unemployment figures, it is important to remember that most “economically inactive” lone parents are on Income Support. At the end of July 2011, the working age Income Support lone parents early estimate was 595 thousand. These parents also need support to become work ready. The two practical measure that would make a difference to all parents are affordable childcare that parents trust, and more local part-time jobs.

These figures come from the ONS who are providing the LP statistics on an experimental basis.

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