Back to school – back to work?

Autumn is one of the most important times for parents who want to get back to work; the summer holidays are over, and they have four months til Christmas. So the following articles make grim reading – all focus on childcare.

  • One in ten breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs look set to close during the next school year and many others face uncertainty due to rising costs and pressure on parental incomes.
  • High childcare costs in the UK are affecting parents’ ability to work, train and study.
  • Childcare costs stopping mothers working, Number of women opting to look after their children instead of doing paid employment increases by 32,000 in last year

We know that Parents looking to get back to work want to know there is local childcare they trust, and can afford.

Key contact: your local Family Information Services who can help parents source childcare. Find them through the local council.

Key benefit: Childcare element of Working Tax Credit which offers up to 70% of cost. – Not perfect but it can make the difference, even on small amounts.


2 thoughts on “Back to school – back to work?

  1. sheenagh davis says:

    childcare tax credits should go directly to the nursery, with high staff/child ratios and lots of maternity leave for staff as this profession attracts high percentage of female staff nurseries can be a very costly business to run.

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