New ideas for early years

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Ian Duncan Smith has called for a new way of funding services for young children through  measures that give voluntary and private service providers access to capital markets. Investors will put money in up front and  will receive a return once fixed outcomes are achieved. Labour MP Graham Allen in his second report on eary intervention built on this idea and called for the establishment of a £200m investment fund for charities and other organisations providing early intervention services for vulnerable children. The payments from Governments will be by results. Polly Toynebee in the Guardian ridiculed the proposals, saying that the logistics of managing the contract would make them unworkable.

Sarah Tether, Children’s Minister and a Lib Dem, has outlined new proposals to allow parents of three and four year olds to take their free nursery education allocation of 15 hours over two days allowing parents full day childcare rather than spreading it over three part days. Good news for Working Parents.



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