Families with Multiple problems tender now out

Key Points 

The project will tackle entrenched worklessness by “progressing multi-generational families with multiple problems closer to employment.”

£200m is available across 12 Contract Package Areas in England to support Families with Multiple Problems get back to work. This is to focus on the 2% of families or about 140,000 families who are facing severe problems including,

  • Worklessnes
  • Homelessness
  • No qualifications
  • Mother with mental health problems
  • Severe illness or disablilty
  • Low income
  • Cannot afford basics like food and clothes

Funding will come as follows

  • Attachment Fee – can be claimed for each eligible individual family member starting ESF provision on the drawing up of an agreed initial Action Plan, which must be signed by the individual;
  • Progress Measure Payment – can be claimed after 26 weeks for individuals who have successfully completed three progress measures
  • Job Outcome Payment – can be claimed for an individual on entering sustainable employment

Local Authorities will identify the families, and are likely to prioritise families that have been stabilised following intensive support from family intervention services/projects.

This provision is voluntary. So it will need to be attractive to families who often choose not to use existing services

Childcare will need to be provided – this will be a challenge for contractors who need to pay for it and childcare providers, to be able to provide intensive periods of childcare.

Update 7 July 2011

At the Change for Seminar event we held yesterday participants, who came from LAs, Primes, Sub-Contractors and Specialist Organisations, were asked for advice they would give to the two key players

To LA’s they said

  • Ensure new work adds value
    Go for tier 3 families, people who will really benefit from the extra support
  • Improve identification and information sharing, use CAF lists and the new data being gathered by Children’s Centres
  • Identify gaps and spread funds where they can make a difference

To Prime contractors the advice was

  • Ensure the new work adds value
  • Build in support for families to get beyond level 2
  • Use this new framework to identify what works best and spread successful ideas and methods


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