Our forthcoming events

Monday 4th July 
Helping Parents back to work : Adviser Training
Understand the issues and find out about the latest policy and Practice
10.00 am – 4.00 pm
£145 + vat – find out more here

Tuesday 5th July
Get confident to work – Try before you buy session for Primes and Subs
Find out what key information about Lone parents and the Work programme, and how our new Get confident to work programme can help you support Lone Parents
FREE – Book on by emailing your name and contact details to info@confidenttowork.com

Wednesday 6th July
Change for Families Seminar  – FULL
A new approach to building capacity in families and communities.
The Government is about to launch a new round of funding to support families with multiple problems. To succeed it needs the active involvement of the local teams that support parents as parents; parents as learners; and parents as potential employees. That means partnerships between the Local Authorities, DWP Prime and Sub contractors and the specialist support organisations.

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