Lone parents and the Work programme – Thirteen for the 13th.

With the Work Programme set for a 13 June start date, here are  13 pieces of useful information

  1. Almost 60% of lone parents work.
  2. There are over 110,000 lone parents on JSA, eleven times as many as there were in 2008.
  3. Next year Lone Parents on benefits will move onto JSA when their youngest child is five.
  4. Nearly 8% of  JSA clients are lone parents.
  5. Around 90% of lone parents on JSA are women.
  6. 60% of lone parents on JSA have children under 12.
  7. 10% have children under five.
  8. The Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit covers 70% of childcare costs.
  9. Lone parents with children at primary school can choose to work school hours.
  10. In inner London 60% of lone parents don’t work.
  11. A lone parent can refuse to take a job, without sanction, if the childcare required is not available.
  12. Lone parents tell us that the three big things that stop them working are concerns over: whether they will be better off in work; the cost availability and quality of childcare; and confidence in themselves and in the likelyhood of their being a job out their that suits their family timetable.
  13. Respected medical journal The Lancet has recently published research showing that local sure start programmes have a positive effect on children’s social behaviour and independence.
Our next Lone Parent Adviser Training day is on the 4th July in London.  Book on here 

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