Lone parents on JSA – a rise, and a fall

The number of lone parents on JSA rose again last month, to 112,600. Up 6% on April’s Figures and 76% on this time last year. Lone parents now make up 7.7% of the JSA cohort.

Not surprisingly, the big rise was in the group with youngest child aged between seven and nine; and we can expect that trend to continue in the coming months as the new benefit rules lead to an increase in the flow.

Interesting to note that at the same time there has been a fall in the number of lone parents on JSA in the group whose youngest child is between 12 and 15. Down 1% on last months figures, and 10% on the year.

Also note

Considering 90% of lone parents are women, with a big desire to work part-time, the figures continued to raise some worrying trends.

  • The very small quarterly increase in employment was mainly driven by full-time employment.
  • The number of women claimants increased by 9,300 to reach 474,400, the highest figure since October 1996. This is the tenth consecutive rise in the number of women claimants
  • The number of people unemployed for over 12 months increased by 20,000 to reach 850,000, the highest figure since the three months to January 1997.
Figures from the May 2011  Labour Market Statistics.
NB Lone parent figures are still deemed experimental

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