Lone Parents on JSA top one hundred thousand

There are now 106,255 lone parents on JSA,  and they make up 7% of the total  JSA cohort.

As expected, the largest rise (almost 10,000)  is with the group whose youngest child is between seven and nine.

The number of women on JSA also rose, up by 5,100 to reach 462,300, the highest figure since October 1996.

Figures from the April 2011  Labour Market Statistics.
NB Lone parent figures are still deemed experimental

One thought on “Lone Parents on JSA top one hundred thousand

  1. Laura Dewar says:


    I was given you details by Scarlet Harris at the TUC. I am interested in your blog and will also try to look you up on twitter.

    I work for the Single Parent Action Network (SPAN), a Bristol based charity with a national spread. I am in London working on their policy and parliamentary work. SPAN are doing two pieces of work that might be of interest. We are looking at single parents moving from Income Support onto JSA and the training opportunities open to them. In addition I am doing a project in partnership with Oxfam on vulnerable employment. At SPAN we are concerned that single parents are moving into work that does not sustain them financially or work with their caring role. More generally we are also concerned about the lack of clear information offered to single parents who are on JSA, and the safeguards that they should be told about such as the ability to work restricted hours or to turn down work if there is not suitable childcare. Very interested in the figures and single parents on JSA and it would be good to keep in touch.

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